I love sharing practical tips and tricks that as a makeup artist I have learned over the years that help
me with my day to day makeup routine, and I hope some of these beauty tips will help you as well. I
would love to hear about your best tips and tricks as well ... so pass them along !

Plucking your brows - years ago when I first starting plucking my own eye brows it used to make my eyes water
something awful and was just a pain ... literally ! Remember that its best to pluck a day or two ahead of time if you are
going to a special occasion especially if you tend to get redness or swelling. As a professional artists I can cover the
redness, but I can't do much to cover the swelling
Beauty tip - use Orajel to numb the brow area that you need to pluck and a q- tip to place the Orajel where needed.
Wait just a few seconds for it to take effect and by the time the Orajel wears off you'll probably be done, and it was painless.

Having your makeup and hair done - whether its for your wedding day, a special occasion or a girls
night out,is truly a treat and an experience to be enjoyed
Beauty tip - wear a button down shirt or other attire that can be taken off without having to remove it over your
head and possibly spoiling all that hard work.

Defining your eyes for a soft natural look - my usual beauty routine is fairly simple but I do like my eyes a little
defined with out having to put eye liner on the top and bottom of my lashes.
Beauty tip - Lining under your top lashes at the waterline or tight line as it is known in some beauty communities. You can use
a cake liner (my favorite) or a pencil, gel or liquid liner. Lift your upper eye lid and your going to line right at the root of the
lashes ... and remember you can do a little at a time and it doesn't need to be a continuous line. Its a little odd at first but once
you've done this a few times its actually very easy.
Beauty Tips
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